Showers for Days

Man, it has been a busy several weeks! Babies are growing and we’ve had a TON going on. Let’s recap. We kicked off what was almost five straight weekends of baby showers in September. Our friends Rachel and Jeff hosted the first one almost a month ago, at Jeff’s house. The house looked adorable and … More Showers for Days

Swaddling Sophie

Alternative post title: SwaddleDogs, which seems like a really great band name. Anyway. Here’s a fun exercise if you want to know what the third trimester of pregnancy is like.: Go to the dollar store or Walmart and buy a cheap inner tube. Blow it up. Wear it around your waist for the next two … More Swaddling Sophie

Unquestionably, Undeniably, Uncomfortably Pregnant

In terms of fetal development… 28 weeks isn’t really a big milestone. My pregnancy app says the babies’ eyesight is developing and they’re putting on weight… but it’s been saying that for several weeks now. I’m pretty sure they’re just bulking up and having wrestling matches in there. In terms of arbitrary timeframes, we’re in … More Unquestionably, Undeniably, Uncomfortably Pregnant

Pregnancy Is…

Riding your bike so much slower than you used to, on shorter routes that are way less challenging than the pre-pregnancy ones. Mourning the loss of your early-morning gym routine and the fun of the weight room. Accepting that it, and possibly your near six-pack abs, are probably not coming back anytime soon. Appreciating your … More Pregnancy Is…

Purely Pregnant

This update is somewhat baby-related, but mostly me just showing off pics from our trip to Michigan, which was BEAUTIFUL. I think you could even call it a “babymoon” although I’m pretty sure if I had used that word to describe the trip¬†before we went… Michael would have refused to go. But first, babies: Things … More Purely Pregnant

Pregnancy Mind Games

Hey, remember that time just a couple weeks ago when I was telling you how we’ve been to the doctor a hundred times in the last two months and it’s crazy how many pictures we have? Well that couldn’t feel like it’s further from the truth now. One thing about having a checkup, ultrasound, or … More Pregnancy Mind Games

Things Get Boring

It’s been almost two week since I last posted. I would have written more… but nothing pregnancy-wise is going on! I’m approaching 15 weeks pregnant and compared to the getting-pregnant process and the first bit of the pregnancy, this chunk of time has been pretty uneventful.¬†Which is good. At this point, no news is good … More Things Get Boring