Pills Pills Pills

Remember that old Destiny’s Child song, Bills Bills Bills? I feel like I could rewrite the lyrics for a song called “Pills, Pills, Pills.” Michael and I are fortunate to never have had any major medical problems, so taking pills several times a day for several different things is an adjustment.

giphy (1).gif
I take my pills, I take my vitamin pills, I take my fertility pills

Anyway, last week was my first 21-day progesterone level check. The right mix of hormones in my blood would indicate I ovulated thanks to the fertility drug, but the results of the blood draw weren’t what we’d hoped. So, it’s back to the Letrozole soon, for another round on a higher dose.

It seems like we just started trying to conceive, but at the same time, we’re three cycles and nearly two rounds of fertility drugs into trying to make a baby. I know I probably need to be prepared for an ultra-marathon, and I’m trying to keep myself level (mostly by staying off Dr. Google.) The constant temperature tracking, the oodles of pills and the emotional highs and lows of the process (thanks, hormones!) have my infertility at the top of my mind constantly.

Putting all my thoughts down on “paper” is helping though, so thanks for reading.

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