Letrozole: Round Two

First, a medical update to explain where I’m at:

Round two of letrozole has come and gone. It took some coercing (in the form of a progesterone supplement) to kickstart my cycle. I took the increased dose (five milligrams a day) of letrozole, which is supposed to induce ovulation. For the first week or two I was trying not to get my hopes up too high that much would be happening. Like I’ve said before… long road ahead.

Then, symptoms started to roll out. My temperature spiked at the exact right time, I was nauseous and all the right parts felt weird, as if my ovaries had gone ahead and kicked out an egg. Thanksgiving week was fortunately pretty relaxing, so if the ladies produced an egg, there might be a baby in there.

Today I had the second blood draw to test whether the increased letrozole dose was successful in forcing ovulation. I’m pretty much dying waiting for the phone to ring. We’ll see.

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