Asking Better Questions

The doctor’s nurse called.

I don’t know what my progesterone level was last cycle, I just know it was too low on whatever rating scale they use to infer that I had ovulated. (Trust me, I have since done more research and am learning the right questions to ask with nearly every phone call.)

When the nurse first called, she said they got the results of the blood draw back and Dr. Healy’s analysis based on the numbers was “possible ovulation.”

I’m thinking… basically no answer, right?



So this time around I asked more questions. I asked what the actual number was, and how that compared to the last time around, and a more ideal number.

I’m learning as we go through this process that it’s super important to not just receive the information your doctors and nurses supply, but ask questions. Things like hormone levels and ultrasound results are the norm for them, but when you haven’t had any experiences with pregnancy, fertility or even hospitals in general, it can all be very confusing. Ask questions.

Anyway, the nurse said my progesterone (this cycle) was seven nanograms per milliliter. (How sciencey!) Anything less than five ng/ml indicates there was not likely ovulation. A level over five probably indicates some form of ovulation. She said a level over 10 ng/ml means they can pretty confidently say I ovulated.

So a seven isn’t necessarily good, but it’s not bad either. Yet again, we wait and see. I’ll pass the time by getting our holiday cards written and delivered. I’ve been practicing with some new hand lettering brush pens as I address them. How fun are these?!

Hope you’re all enjoying the start to winter and are getting in the holiday spirit.


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