There Goes Another Month… Or More

Christmas is just a few days away. Michael and I aren’t religious, but I like the holiday and we’re hosting a house full of family members who are, so it’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to have everyone together. At the same time, I’m kind of dreading it because we just heard the latest from my doctor, and I didn’t ovulate this month.

I went in for a 21-day progesterone check two days ago. I haven’t been feeling many ovulation symptoms. (Last month was different, I had a handful of them.) So I wasn’t super hopeful that there was any action happening down there. The phone call from the nurse came this afternoon, and I was right.

The numbers were REAL low. Like, lower than low. 0.7 ng/ml. Per Dr. Google, this is a typical number for a woman at the beginning of her menstrual cycle, meaning it’s super unlikely I ovulated this cycle..

My mind immediately went to, “well, bummer for this month.” But the next thing the nurse said kind of threw me, since I thought there was a chance for another cycle of Letrozole at a higher dose. Not so. Dr. Healy suggested a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist as our next step, basically saying the next round of Letrozole would likely not work. Extra bummer.

Down the drain.jpgI started calling around to reproductive endocrinologists, trying to make sure we had an appointment as soon as possible. This all happening at 2 p.m. the Friday before Christmas, I has less than zero luck talking to an actual person to make an appointment.

Anyone who been through this process for more than a month can tell you: There’s no such thing as a few days in infertility treatment. If you miss an opportunity for information, medication, treatment, etc. by a week, that’s a whole cycle down the drain. With PCOS, a cycle can mean three weeks, or it can mean two months or more. So you could say I am in a hurry to get into a doctor’s office, and this is a frustration.

While I’m obviously disappointed, it’s a pretty fitting close to 2016! At least we’ll have lots of good food and family around for support. This weekend we’ll fill many of them in on what we’ve been “up to,” and I’m eager to get a lot of this off my chest, even if we unfortunately won’t have an answer to the “what’s next” question.

Hope you all have a great holiday!

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