Less Sugar, More Dogs and Babies

Happy New Year!

Despite the fact that my hormones are basically flat, the last week or so has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

Our family went home and the house settled down after Christmas. About a day after everyone left, I felt like all that was left was a messy, empty house, a week of work ahead, and the big disappointment of still not having any luck with letrozole. It was a bummer to say the least.

My last few posts have been pretty sour. Sorry about that.

As I mentioned a few days, ago Dr. Healy suggested seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, so I made an appointment and we’re going next week. For a while there I was feeling some apprehension about the whole thing. Infertility consultations are, from what I understand, super overwhelming. The apprehension has passed for the most part now, and I’m glad it’s on the calendar.

giphy (33).gif

The doctor’s office sent over enough medical history paperwork to fill a George R.R. Martin book, so I’m doing my homework before we go and printing out months worth of basal body temperature charts, finding my medical history as far back as I can get it, and logging every time I so much as sneeze. (Isn’t infertility a joy?) A few of the questions on the forms came out of left field, so I decided it’s time to do some real research. The more you know, right?

I’ve been keeping up with Chelsea’s infertility story on her blog, Starbucks, Peace and the Pursuit of a Baby for a while now. She is super knowledgeable and open with her experience. At her recommendation, I downloaded A Patient’s Guide to PCOS: Understanding–and Reversing–Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and read it front to back in about two days. Some of the information was new; a lot of it was not. Dr. Walter Futterweit emphasizes how significant diet can be right off the bat. I’ve eaten pretty mindfully for quite a while, but I decided to renew my efforts to really cut the crap out of my diet. Specifically: delicious, gratifying, addictive sugar.

In retrospect, dropping sugar out of my diet (right after the holidays, I might add) and getting not-so-great news about my latest cycle at the same time… probably was not a great idea. I thought I was disappointed, and knew I was moping around the house a bit. I realized later that cutting sugar right now was basically the perfect storm for moodiness. Or, as Michael put it: “It’s a little like living with someone who just quit smoking.”

The last few days without any treats have been quite a bit more tolerable, and I know from experience it gets even easier the longer I stay away. Now I just have to quit watching Tasty dessert videos and dreaming about cake.


We stopped off at a scenic overlook for a nice picture.

I should also add, we made a quick trip down to Dallas to visit some friends who just moved there. It was great celebrate the holiday (and their engagement, new house and new jobs) with them. If you’re ever in the city’s Historic West End, I strongly recommend Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse! We had a fancy New Year’s Eve dinner there and they somehow managed to have a menu full of low-carb (read: MEAT) options where Michael, who’s a vegetarian, found some good choices too.

THIS is why we can’t have nice things.

So anyway, that’s what’s next on our road to parenthood. Less sugar, more dogs, meet with a doctor who will give us a baby. Should be simple, right?

I’m eager to see what the doctor suggests for us. What are your experiences seeing infertility specialists for consults? I’ve got a list of questions to ask the doctor, but would love to hear any tips you have or questions you think we should get resolved while we’re there.

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