Bottoms Up

We’re back at the babymaking again! In kind of an unexpected way.


It’s actually a pretty short story. After three rounds of letrozole my OB/GYN suggested Michael and I make an appointment with a reproduction endocrinologist at a fertility center here in Kansas City. That’s happening next week. We’re not sure whether I ovulated the last few times or not, but it can’t hurt to try again, right? So I talked my doctor into letting me take another stab with the letrozole so this month isn’t a complete bust.

Like every month of trying to conceive, I’m cautiously hopeful this will be the month. I’ve been eating super well, avoiding cookies and cakes and pies (it’s getting easier!) and watching my carb intake religiously for about a month now.

Who knows… maybe it will work! If not, we’ll have some new options after the appointment with the RE next week. It’s all about cautious optimism, right? How do you all keep yourselves centered with the ups and downs of every cycle?

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