Sage Advice

We’re just a few months into this process, but I’m thankful for the support that’s available in our fine city already. Shoutout to Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation: they are making it easier to be baby-free. The women who founded the group have all gone through (or are going through) periods of infertility and are super sensitive to each person’s different experience. Their website has a lot of resources and information about treatment available in the metro.

They also have support meetings. I have been thinking about going for a couple of months and was finally able to make it to one last night.

A handful of women and couples (and one guy!) shared their infertility stories and their latest updates in the basement of a little church in Brookside. There were people from many walks of infertility life: some had been trying IVF for several years, one couple was pretty new to the whole thing, other women with polycystic ovary syndrome had done IUIs. Some have unexplained fertility, others are “taking a break” from trying and a couple people discussed adopting their children. Everyone was in one stage or another of this roller coaster ride.

This meeting came right before Michael’s and my first meeting with our reproductive endocrinologist, so it was nice to hear their thoughts on first-time fertility appointments. As soon as I shared where we are at, the group jumped in with suggestions and ideas to get the most out of our appointment. They advised how it would go, what to ask about, and what to expect. Some of them had even seen our reproductive endocrinologist, and had suggestions about the specific doctor’s office. This was amazing! I highly recommend talking to others who have seen your doctor before you go.

giphy (36).gif
Me, most of the time. Also always.

It was really nice to be among others who had the same feelings as I do. I’m not feeling the typical “baby envy” that others say they have with infertility, but I definitely  feel a desire to “mom” everything that’s small, cute or squishy, and several of the other girls there had the same feelings. (One even adopted a feral cat! We’d own every animal in our neighborhood if it was up to me, so I get that feeling.) Given that we’re sort of the first of our family and friend group to deal with infertility, it’s helpful to have a peer group.

Ideally, I’ll be able to go back and share that I don’t need to go to their next meeting, but until that’s the case, it’s a great place to get support from people with counseling experience and others who have been in my shoes.

KC ladies and gents, if you’re interested in KCIA, the group meets on the second Monday of each month and they’re having a (free!) conference with almost all the doctors in reproductive specialists in the City this spring. There’s more information on their website and they’re also on the Facebook, where they post meeting details.

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