Eating For… One

Anyone who knows me well knows I love to eat. Like a lot. Sweet, salty, veggies, junk food, tofu, steak, it doesn’t matter. I will eat it.

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It’s what got me to a spot where I needed to drop a few (okay, 45) pounds. Eating well and (and looking forward to it every day) in moderation is what helped me lose the weight and keep it off. Outside of the errant batch of cookies or Papa John’s delivery, I’ve managed to be pretty good about eating well.

This goes double now that we’re really trying to make a baby. Plenty of people can survive and reproduce on nothing but Froot Loops and Sonic milkshakes… I am not one of those people.

So, earlier today while sipping my morning coffee, (decaf, because I can’t have nice things anymore) I was reading over a few other trying to conceive blog posts. There was a lot of discussion about the crazy voodoo things people will do to boost their fertility:  everything from eating pineapple cores to wearing crystals to balance their sacral chakras.

Not saying it’ll never happen, but I’m not quite to the casting-fertility-spells level. Yet. But I am starting to look at how to eat even better, in a way that will hopefully promote fertility. I’ve cut out sugar in a big way, am careful even with the good carbs and have a pretty well-rounded diet. Michelle Obama would be proud.

Back to my morning coffee. I did a little googling to find out, specifically, what’s good and what’s bad. I was about to take a sip when this info came up:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 8.57.25 AM.png

Steer clear of coffee. Even decaf, which is pretty acidic, is off-limits if you’re full on trying to conceive. Cool. More nice things I shouldn’t have.

I’ve already known it’s not a great idea to be boozing the day away when you’re trying to get knocked up, but I’ve admittedly enjoyed a beer about once a week over the last few months. Only when I’m post-two-week-wait time and pre-fertile window. But this Parenting article gives a little more information about how it affects the other non-baby phases of your cycle, and is making me think twice about indulging on that too.

Late in your cycle, you’re supposed to pass on delicious things like ice cream just because they’re cold. The article also suggests avoiding and fueling up on meat. What the heck, Parenting magazine?


We’ll see how well I manage to follow these suggestions because, if I’m being honest, it looks like I should basically only be eating salad and salmon. Both of which I love. But I also really like cookies and french fries. Everything in moderation, I guess.

What are the weird things you’ve eaten or done while trying to conceive? (And did they work?) What are you avoiding while you’re babymaking? Are you having a drink once in a while at wine-o-clock?

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