Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, Everybody

If you had asked me what “stimming” was a week ago, I would have had no idea. Now… I’m intimately familiar with the concept.

Last week I had a cycle day 14 ultrasound to see how this month’s follicles were coming in. I was super jazzed to go in and find out after getting the surprising news earlier this month that my ovarian cysts were MIA. I thought maybe things would just… work as they’re supposed to. Isn’t that cute and naive of me?

I’d been checking in with Dr. Google, so I knew the ultrasound would need to show follicles that were at least 18 mm in diameter. The ultrasound tech logged my biggest one at 12.something – no where near mature enough to be close to ovulation. No problem, said the nurse: we’ll wait a couple of days and see if they fatten up. I’ve been having pretty long cycles, so it seems reasonable.

Three days later (cycle day 17), I’m back in the same stirrups for my third ultrasound of the month. Those eggos didn’t budge on their own: they measured about the same. (Dr. Google says a good progress report has follicles growing as much as 2 mm per day.) A couple of mine shrunk. No problem, said the nurse: we’ll fatten them up with some meds. I thought this was late in the cycle game, but hey, she’s the nurse, not me, right? Sure, let’s do some drugs over the weekend. And so I learned how to use follitropin injections.


After a weekend of shots, I’m back to the doctor’s office on cycle day 20. It had been three days of eating well, exercising and stabbing myself in the gut with hormones, so we’ve got to have some eggos in there ready to go, right?


Still no growth. Just a few little follicles chillin’ out, maxin’, realixin’ all cool at 10-12 mm. Come on your little turds, GROW!

We’re well into the cycle at this point. I was disappointed – thinking there wouldn’t be a chance to keep them growing. I figured this cycle would just have to be scrapped and we’d have to wait on my impending period to start all over again with the injections earlier in the next cycle. But again what do I know, I’m not a doctor? I barely remember the phases of cell division.

My ever-persistent and perky nurse (who I’m starting to see more often than some of my close friends) is ever optimistic. No problem, she says: More drugs! So, let’s do some more drugs.

So I go back again, on cycle day 22. One of the little jerks moved from 10-11mm. Not exactly progress that I was pleased with, but Ms. Optimistic says that’s a great sign and to keep on keepin’ on with los drogas. I do as I’m told, so I schedule another ultrasound and stick myself in the gut with 50 IU of follitropin.

Cycle day 24 rolls around, and finally, some payoff! One of the little follicles is trying very hard to become a big follicle. It is sitting at a pretty 14 mm today. This is after a week of stimming, so it’s still not a lot of movement, but these things take time, right? I’ll give you one guess what Perky McGee suggested. More shots and another ultrasound on Monday!



Thank god my Monday (today) appointment was early because I’ve been REAL antsy to see where we’re at. I woke up around 5 a.m. and had to force myself to go back to sleep until 6 when I got up and got ready for my appointment. We’ve got a winner!


That’s a lovely nearly-21mm follicle! What an overachiever.

Which means tonight I stop at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up an Ovidrel injection and trigger that eggo out of there. We bang out brains out for the next couple of days and then… wait again. We’ll see!

6 thoughts on “Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, Everybody

  1. I don’t know if your shots are anything like the ones I do with my blood thinners, but I (literally) feel your pain! You’ve got this! Hoping for great news come Monday!


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