Everything is a Pregnancy Symptom If You Google Hard Enough

File this under: two-week-wait rants.

We are one week into a two-week-wait that seems like it’s taken about four months. This cycle has been crazy long because our nurse and doctor were pretty conservative with stimulating my follicles. That was a little agonizing, but going to the ER with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome definitely would have been worse.

So one week ago tonight, on a Monday night, I got familiar with yet another needle, and shot myself up with Ovidrel to induce ovulation.

It’s amazing how, before I was really paying attention to my bodily functions, things like ovulation would just happen and I had no idea. Now, I’m watching for them and it’s like every little itch, pang, and pop might be a symptom of something. I’m pretty sure I felt myself ovulate Wednesday mid-morning… but who knows. I could just be losing it.

I’ve been keeping myself busy during this neverending two-week-wait though: I went out for fancy drinks (mine were mocktails) with friends, Michael and I saw “The Wizard of Oz” at the school where he teaches, and we had friends over for the Super Bowl, so I cooked a ton. Shamu and I have been taking a LOT of dog walks.

giphy (41).gif

In the meantime, I’m googling every single thing that could possibly be a symptom of anything. Headache after eating too much during the Superbowl? “Headache + pregnancy symptom.” Big old bruise shows up after I ran into my desk at work? “Bruising pregnancy symptom.” Someone burnt some food in the kitchen and it smells gross? “Burnt toast pregnancy smell nausea.”

It turns out, if you get far enough into Google, you can find a doctor’s blog post or thread on a message board relating to your search. Someone, somewhere out there has experienced literally anything and everything as a pregnancy symptom. So really, it’s not much help at all.

I know it’s too early to tell anyway. I’m only five days-post-ovulation at this point. I promised myself I would not try to test out the Ovidrel because there’s no way I’d be able to do that and not think about the responses CONSTANTLY. Plus, I’d sure love for my first positive pregnancy test to actually reveal a pregnancy. (We’ll see how strong my will stays on this one if we have to go a few more months of this.)

Still, it sure would be nice some morning sickness or some other definitive symptom to show up. That would at least be a sign that my hormones are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Dr. Google says morning sickness is still a few weeks away, if it’s coming at all this cycle. Fingers crossed!

What do you do to keep your mind off trying-to-conceive things while you’re waiting??

7 thoughts on “Everything is a Pregnancy Symptom If You Google Hard Enough

  1. I’ve done this every TWW… literally everything is a pregnancy symptom! This is the first cycle I have not paged Dr. Google everyday, mostly because I’m sick of it lol.
    I’m on CD 21 after having an HSG on CD 5 and starting IUI process with Clomid once I get my period. I did look on google to find that having an HSG may increase your chances of pregnancy, but I’m not holding my breath.
    Good luck on your journey!! I’ve found that reading other peoples blogs while I’m on the TWW helps!


    1. Good advice! I’ve managed to stay off Dr. Google since I wrote this post because I was driving myself CRAZY. You’re right… checking out blog posts has been super helpful. Instagram is uplifting too… I’ve gotten a little obsessive over looking at #7dpo and #8dpo hashtags… as if someone else’s BFP has any bearing on what my tests will say in a few days! : /

      I hope this month is the month for you!


      1. Been there, its easy to get carried away lol. Guess that means at the very least were still hopeful! Sending baby dust your way 🙂


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