Camping and Cramping

Some day I will get to take a pregnancy test and sit on pins and needles waiting to see the results. Some day, but not any day this week.

The last instructions I had from my reproductive endocrinologist were to bang Michael for three straight days, wait two weeks and call them with the results of a pregnancy test I was supposed to take yesterday. Testing day would have been 13 days post-ovulation, if yesterday didn’t turn out to be the (new) cycle day 2.

Admittedly, I did not wait until 13 days post-ovulation to test. For the first several days of the two-week-wait, I obsessively stalked the Instagram hashtag that coordinated with the number of days post-ovulation I happened to be at that time. Maybe if some girl in April of 2016 had gotten a double line on her #6dpo or #8dpo, I would too, right?


I knew better though, and patted myself on the back for waiting to until I was 10 days post-ovulation, last Friday. Good for me. Shocker: one pink line. At least I knew the HCG from my trigger shot had cleared my system. The hormone can stay in your body for several days after you take the shot, and if you test too early, will give a false positive on a pregnancy test.

Isn’t she lovely?

We had plans to go camping that night, so I figured I’d give it a rest for a couple days and test again 12 days post-ovulation. I’ll pee in the woods and I’ll pee on a stick, but peeing on a stick in the woods in just weird.

Camping was a pretty quick overnight that really distracted me from the two-week-wait, which was great. We checked out Weston, Mo., just northwest of the KC metro. It’s basically the pottery shop/antique store/bed and breakfast capital of Northwest Missouri, and was of course adorable. It’s February, but who wants to stay in a cutesy little B&B when you have the bed of a pickup truck and a state park nearby? Not us. Our sleeping bags are temperature-rated to 15 degrees, which I highly recommend if you ever decide to camp in the middle of the winter in Missouri.

Sunday was going to be my next testing day, but I woke up at 3 a.m. to some pretty strong evidence that this cycle was over and there was no baby to go with it. That was a  bummer, but I didn’t feel totally down about it like I have in the past. I think the 10 days post-ovulation test helped soften the blow a little bit. Or I’m just becoming jaded to this whole process. Who knows.

I went back to the doctor this morning to meet up with my BFF the transvaginal ultrasound machine. Everything on the “baseline” looks good to go, so we’re back at it again in February. Hopefully this cycle won’t take 39 days like the last one did!

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