Pregnancy Mind Games

Hey, remember that time just a couple weeks ago when I was telling you how we’ve been to the doctor a hundred times in the last two months and it’s crazy how many pictures we have? Well that couldn’t feel like it’s further from the truth now.

One thing about having a checkup, ultrasound, or appointment of some kind every 12-14 days is that you get really comfortable with that regularity. You get to see so many images of the babies’ development that it doesn’t really even look like much action is happening.

Now, those appointments have slowed down. I’m not bleeding like I was before. It’s the the second trimester, so I feel good, have very few symptoms except a little baby bump. There hasn’t been much (any confirmed) kicking action on their parts yet, because my uterus is basically a placenta party from before the reduction, which has prevented me from feeling their motion thus far.

I have pretty much convinced myself all of this means something is wrong. How do regularly pregnant people go MONTHS without confirmation their babies are still alive and growing!? This is insane to me.

Logically, I’m aware that things are probably fine. If I wasn’t already aware of this, the reaction I got from Michael when I mentioned my undue concern is a good reminder:

giphy (6)

He’s right. Logically, I’m get it. We saw the babies just a week ago for an 18-week checkup (which by the way, isn’t even a thing, but our doctors are so great and overly-cautious that they’re willing to make it a thing) and everything looked great. Emotionally, I’m probably going to be on pins and needles until our next checkup:

giphy (7).gif

Which, by the way, isn’t for TWO MORE WEEKS, the pregnancy equivalent of about six years. They’ll do a full anatomy scan and measure the kiddos and estimate their gestational ages and hopefully put my mind at ease.

I have a week of vacation in between now and then. We’re going to the Lake (of the Ozarks, obviously) for the 4th and on a little jaunt around Michigan and up into the UP. Which is great! I ought to quit whining; it’s vacation! I took the time off planning to relax a little bit before the grand push of never-ending five-day weeks until maternity leave in November. The trip will be fun… we’ll see how much relaxing gets done.

One thought on “Pregnancy Mind Games

  1. Relax Megan and put trust in your doctors while you enjoy your vacation. I’m sure you have gone through a lot of different emotions during these trying times, but do your twins a favor and quit the normal worrying, which all mothers do, just think of the percentage of normal, healthy, births and the low percentage of problems. Wishing you a healthy, uneventful, pregnancy. We are all waiting to see your healthy twins, one girl and one boy, is my guess.


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